Some nice features we can adopt from angular 2 for better performance



Angularjs is a technology using for the testing and development .it’s a JavaScript-based open source front end application it’s introduced by Google on 2010

AngularJS is now a common buzzword among the web developers these days. The reason behind the fast domination of angularjs technology simplicity on testing and development. When W3C started to push the standard of its Web components forward, web development was requiring a components-oriented approach. It was the starting point for angular2.

Angular2 can’t be used to build an entire application.Because some of its specification are not implemented yet or are subject to change. It completely cancels the use of scopes and controllers.They are replaced by components. Angular 2 is entirely component based.Components are directives with template. Apart from these, the major change that anyone notices while switching from angular to angular2 is the unusual syntax.  It is because that angular2 is completely written in typescript.  Typescript is a superset of JavaScript which compiles to plain JavaScript. It is mainly used for the development of large applications. Typescripts have the same syntax and semantics for JavaScript. So any JavaScript code is a valid typescript.


àType annotations: it enables type checking at compile time. It is an optional feature. Otherwise the dynamic typing of JavaScript is used.

àType inference: it is used when types are not given.

àDeclaration file:It can be generated as per the programmer’s choice. It contains the information about the types used in the script.

àSupports classes: Typescript  is an extension of ECMAScript and thus supports the concept of classes in it. It also supports inheritance and declaration of static variables.

àSupports modules and namespaces: It enables encapsulation of classes, interfaces, functions and variables into containers

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