Help & KnowledgeBase

NEClick provides 3 easy options to create an user account. You can choose any as per your convenience.

1. Email Signup:

You only need to have a working Email account with any Email service provider GMAIL, Yahoo, RediffMail etc. Go to NEClick's Homepage or and fill up the signup form. (Note: Please Tick on "I'm not a robot" checkbox to veryfy you are human.)

2. Facebook Signup:

To make to signup process more easy for you we have introduced Facebook Signup process. By using this method you can simply signup and login with you Facebook account, and you would not need to add any information manyally. Simply click on Facebook button on Homepage and proceed with instrictions. (Note: While using this method, please grant all access to NEClick.)

3. Google Signup:

You can also signup and login at NEClick using your Google Account. On NEClick's Homepage simple click on Google Signup Button and grant all access. 

You can choose any method from above three as per your convenience. If you feel any problem please let us know?

Thank you for being a NEClick Memeber :)